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Welcome to Association of Maintenance and Reliability Practitioners, Inc. the leading voice of Asset Management, Asset Integrity, Reliability Engineering, and Equipment Maintenance practitioners. Our mission is to promote excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the industry and to provide our members with the resources, tools, and connections they need to succeed.



2nd Membership Kick-off 

2nd Membership Kick-off 

Educational Resources Launching

Educational Resources Launching

membership benefits

AMRPP offers professional development resources and support to help you tap into skills, boost productivity and gain an important competitive advantage.

Join AMRPP’s community of professionals and take advantage of exclusive benefits.

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Board of Trustees

BOT plays a critical role in the governance and management of AMRPP, and its members are expected to act with integrity, accountability, and transparency in carrying out their responsibilities.

Mission- Vision

Our framework for the association’s strategic planning and decision-making, helps to align the organization’s actions with its values and goals.


Various initiatives, activities, and services that an AMRPP provides to its members. These programs are designed to support the mission and goals of the association and to meet the needs and interests of its members.

OUR EVENTS We're lucky to have worked with such great partners, both practitioners and solutions providers

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